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About us

Who are we ?

My Moroccan Travel, an online travel agency based in Marrakech, offers you a wide choice of travel combining culture, traditions and leisure according to your personal desires and your budget.

We propose to tourists, individual or in group, to discover the Moroccan cities and the most prestigious tourist sites of Morocco through: excursions, visits of cities, Moroccan evenings, transfers, activities and a wide choice of hotels or flights.

We also provide services for groups (companies, associations …) through the organization of events, seminars, show dinners, transfers or through the rental of vehicle with driver.

Search, choose and book your trip with simplicity and confidence. With us, impeccable quality of service, transparency, excellent value for money.

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Essential tips for Morocco

Moroccans are famously hospitable and love showing visitors their country. You’ll meet plenty of friendly folk who’ll ease your path, but these tips will make your trip even easier.


  • Go in spring when lots of Morocco is lush and green. Don’t underestimate the extremes of summer and winter – they can be brutal.
  • A few words of basic Arabic will take you a long way. Try es salaam alaykum(hello, literally ‘peace be upon you’), ‘afak (please – it has a glottal stop before it, like the sound between the vowels in ‘uh-oh’. If you’re talking to a woman it’s ‘afik; to a group, say ‘afakum) and shukran bezzef (thank you very much) for starters.
  • Stay in a riad– a traditional Moroccan house built around an internal garden. MarrakeshFes and Essaouria are classic riad Check out Lonely Planet Hotels & Hostels for recommendations.
  • Load up your pockets with small change. Tipping is an integral part of Moroccan life, and a few dirham for a service willingly rendered can make life a lot easier. Tipping between 5% and 10% of a restaurant bill is appropriate. Also tip taxis, guides and small boys who help you find your way out of the complex maze of streets in the old parts of town.
  • Don’t engage a faux guide(false guide) for the day. They’re illegal. Engage an official tourist guide through a tourist office instead.

Make new friends wherever you go, take a lot of pictures and forget everything you already read about Morocco, discover it yourself